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Stock Info

Capri Hospitality, Inc. has put a hold on the sale of those shares from its most recent offerings (those shares are not for sale). The company is focusing on the growth and development of its CapriTrips travel planning services in order to establish a brand name and open a revenue stream for the company and its existing investors... as it strives to become the fastest growing travel services company in the United States.

Capri Hospitality Group is redeveloping / determining the future of its FlyCapri (flight) option, and is expected to do so as a separate entity (state of incorporation-TBD) where it will promote its Part 380 flight options to underserviced cities.

In the event this new entity issues shares under a Regulation D Private Placement offering information will be filed with the SEC and posted here. If a new entity is created it will not be a Wisconsin corporation, or have a Wisconsin principal office. Likewise any Wisconsin business activities are expected to be outsourced. As such, any new offering will not be available to Wisconsin residents, entities or investors. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The previous comments only apply to any new entities created. Capri Hospitality, Inc. dba CapriTrips is a Wisconsin entity and does maintain Wisconsin employees and operations focused on vacation planning.

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Capri Hospitality Group
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