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Our Companies

Capri Hospitality, Inc.   www.capritrips.com
Wisconsin C-Corporation
Incorporated: August 1, 2017
Fiscal Year Ends: December 31
Capri Hospitality, Inc. is dedicated to providing people with the best Travel Planners and tools that will allow our clients to plan their ideal getaways. CapriTrips is changing the way that people view Travel Agents and is revolutionizing the travel planning experience, as well as developing local tours within the cities it serves. CapriCities will allow users to create their very own customized travel guides for the cities they will be visiting.
  • Oversees all CapriTrips activities, locations and Travel Planners
  • Oversees all CapriCities (under development) activities
  • Oversees all Capri employees, locations and activities within the state of Wisconsin

    FlyCapri, Inc.   www.flycapri.com
    Incorporation State - TBD
    BUSINESS UNDER REDEVELOPMENT - Email Us If You Want Capri Flights In Your City
    FlyCapri intends to revolutionize the travel options for people in underserviced markets by providing flights to key destinations, as well as ad hoc flights to tourist destinations for CapriTrips. FlyCapri will not be an airline but intends to operate as a Public Charter Operator under the US Department of Transportation's Part 380 statute.
  • Will oversee all FlyCapri charter flight operations (excluding Wisconsin offices and employees)

  • Mailing Address

    Capri Hospitality Group
    3825 E. Calumet Street
    Suite 400#290
    Appleton, WI 54915


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