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Capri Hospitality Group is a collection of companies dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service in all things Hospitality. Currently Capri Hospitality, Inc. is focused on developing its travel planning service, CapriTrips, into one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States. It is also preparing for the formal roll out of its CapriCities travel guides that will allow Capri members to create customized travel guides for all of their trips. FlyCapri, Inc. is redeveloping its flight offerings for underserviced cities and is working with several cities. If there is a hospitality business opportunity that you would like to tell us about, please Contact Us.

Capri Hospitality, Inc.

Capri Hospitality, Inc. dba CapriTrips provides people with the best Travel Planners and tools that will allow our clients to plan their ideal getaways. CapriTrips is changing the way that people view Travel Agents and is revolutionizing the travel planning experience, as well as developing local tours within the cities it serves.

CapriTrips is developing both an open and membership platform that provides the company's clients amazing travel deals. Members can take advantage of offers that actually pay them back. The company utilizes remote based agents and has eliminated many of the overhead costs that traditional agencies maintain. Our expectation is that people will enjoy the availability of our agents, and the fact that CapriTrips does not require booking fees for any of its travel planners.

Capri Hospitality, Inc. is currently developing and testing its CapriCities platform, which will allow our members to create customized travel guides for their vacations.

Capri Hospitality, Inc. Articles of Incorporation



Capri Hospitality is owned by a limited number of Accredited Wisconsin investors.

FlyCapri, Inc.



FlyCapri, Inc. has not established its ownership/financing.

If you are interested in having Capri operate Public Charter flights from your city to key destinations, please Contact Us

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