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Capri Hospitality, Inc. is a Wisconsin based C-Corporation, which was incorporated with the intention of revolutionizing travel options for people within NE Wisconsin, and other underserviced markets, through quality nonstop and direct flights to key destinations under the name Capri and FlyCapri. In addition to these flights, the company will also open next generation family friendly travel planning centers, known as CapriTrips, across its focus cities. These centers will promote Capri's flights, conduct ad hoc charter flights from these key cities (initially Green Bay) to amazing tourism destinations not covered by FlyCapri, as well as book entire vacation packages to Capri and non-Capri destinations in exchange for commissions from the service providers. As Capri establishes itself and starts to grow, the Company also intends to license and franchise both the CapriTrips travel locations and FlyCapri flight operations in order to expand the company's operations across the United States.

Capri will not be an airline, but intends to operate as a Public Charter Operator under the US Department of Transportation's Part 380 statute. Under this statute the company will charter flights from existing air carriers, and will only sell tickets upon filing its Charter Prospectus and related documents to become a Public Charter Operator. Depending on the successful sale of its initial Common and Preferred shares, Capri Hospitality, Inc. intends to file these documents in August of 2019. Following three months of promotion and ticket sales, the company expects to provide its initial flights between Green Bay, WI and Florida during the winter 2019/2020 season. Slower sale of these shares will delay this timeline as the company requires at least six months for implementation, which includes the three months of promotion.

Upon becoming a Public Charter Operator all ticket sales will be branded as Capri or FlyCapri, and the company will sell its tickets through its website (, the company's toll free phone number, through registered travel agents and to walk up customers in the company's CapriTrips locations planned for Green Bay, Appleton and another point within NE Wisconsin that is to be determined. At the airport check-in will be conducted by trained and TSA certified professionals, bags are loaded by an outsourced ground handler and the flights are operated by an FAA certified Part 121 or Part 135 air carrier.

Capri Hospitality, Inc. Articles of Incorporation

Principal Officers

  • Michael Heisman, Founder & President
  • TBD, Marketing Manager
  • TBD, Customer Service Manager
  • TBD, Operations Supervisor

Board of Directors

Board is being identified and installed as company conducts its implementation process. For first terms, external roles may be filled by shareholders on a one year term.

  • Michael Heisman, Chairman - 2 Year Term
  • Board Member 1 - Will Be Installed (shareholder) - Uncompensated 1 Year Term
  • Board Member 2 - Will Be Installed (shareholder) - Uncompensated 1 Year Term
  • Board Member 3 - Will Be Installed (shareholder) - Uncompensated 1 Year Term
  • Board Member 4 - Conducting Search (industry expert or helped raise funds)
  • Board Member 5 - Conducting Search (industry expert or helped raise funds)
  • Board Member 6 - Conducting Search (industry expert or helped raise funds)
  • Board Member 7 - Conducting Search (industry expert or helped raise funds)

Capri Stock Offering

Capri Hospitality is conducting both a Preferred shares and Common shares offering. Complete details can be found on our Stock Information Page. Please contact with any questions.
Thank you

General Information

Legal Name: Capri Hospitality, Inc.
Wisconsin C-Corporation
Incorporated: August 1, 2017
Fiscal Year: Ends December 31
Planned First Flight: November 2019

Mailing Address

Capri Hospitality, Inc.
3825 E. Calumet Street
Suite 400#290
Appleton, WI 54915


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